Gary Church

Once upon a time, I was born.  Things happened pretty slowly.  Eventually, I got a little older and went to high school.  There, I met a lot of nice folks, but then I graduated and lost contact with most of them. Then a whole lot of stuff happened in what appears like an out-of-focus blur looking back on it.  Now, I'm quite a bit older.  Recently, I've gotten back in touch with some of those swell high school folks. This will no doubt help me live happily ever after.

The pictures are from Christmas of 1996.  We were living about 10 miles out of Huntsville and trying to stay out of prison.  That's Joann with me in one picture.  She tolerates a lot, but writes  more than a lot of very good poetry. 

By the way, the next time someone tells you they have a headache, say to them, "That's impossible!  Pain can't exist in a vacuum!"

See ya in the funny papers!  That's what the ice cream man used to say to us as he got back in his truck to drive to the next group of summer-loving, fun-faced kids.