Bobby Rannals!!!

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"In school, unfortunately, I didn't know Bobby that well - but I'm ever so grateful for these get-togethers, because he and his wife have become great friends of mine.  Bobby has a wonderful sense of humor and is always fun to be around.  He's also one of my favorite vets.  Bobby has a way about him that just makes you smile.  He's a dear soul, and I'm very glad we're all friends at last!  I'm sure there are plenty of stories of Bobby and the guys - but since I'm not privy to that, I'll leave it to the guys to tell them.....
Thanks, Bobby, for being a friend."
Vicki (Brittain) Merryman

"Bobby and I ran around a little bit in school but mostly after graduation when he would come home on leave from the air force. I'll never forget the times he would load up his '58 Ford EDSEL convertible and take a "load of us" out to Ellington AFB where he got us into the bowling alley (pool tables & cold beer). 
I just want to say that we have become better friends in the past several years and I consider Bob & his wife Peg to be super-duper in my book. May we always share a laugh, a love of blues music, and a cold brew." 
Dickie Cloutman

"I knew Bobby mostly through our mutual friend, John Hill.  Though I didn't know him well, I recall that he always seemed to be a cheerful, fun guy.  Bobby and I have gotten to know one another a little better (via e-mail) these last couple of years and I have really enjoyed corresponding with him.  I'm looking forward to the day when I can shake his hand."
Bill Hargrove