Trojan Monthly Pictures
      Ronnie Livingston; Tommy Little; Dickie Cloutman; Lee Clark                November 2001 Get Together - Ladies on Parade
          Do you suppose the statute of limitations has run out?????          November 2001 Get Together - The Gents
            What do you suppse Lynn said that's so funny?             David and Sonya VanTassell and Toy & Frances Lay.  
                           Donny & Marilyn Waldrop                                                  Friends!!!!!!!
 Dickie, bras, money and beer -- did he die and go to Heaven?   Merrymans, Armstrongs, Dickie and ???? in Florida on Vacation!!
     More Vacation Footage - Must be nice to be retired?????? Sylvia Hearne Hutson with Mercedes (back of her head anyway) and Mercedes' soon-to-be-husband Nard from Holland.