South Houston High School

Class of 1964 Roster

This list of the South Houston High School Class of 1964 is a work in progress. Only individuals who have requested that their names be added to the list will be shown. If you wish to be added to this list, please send e-mail to:
NOTES: This is NOT a secure WEB site.  If the individual's name is shown as a link, that Trojan has his/her own page.

Anders, DiAnn (Britt)
Armstrong, Wayne                    e-mail:
Baker, Carol (Roberts)             e-mail:
Bennett, Sue (White)                 e-mail:
Bolen, Cheryl (Williams)
Boudoin, Carl
Burnham, Max                            e-mail:
Cendrick, Don                            e-mail:
Church, Gary
Cloutman, Dickie
Dudley, Martin (Jack)                e-mail: (home) (work)
Emswiler, Tommy                        e-mail:
Evans, Diane M.                           e-mail:
Garrett, Barbara (Noonan)
Gosdin, Betty (Marietta)            e-mail:
Graham, Thomas D.                    e-mail:
Hanks, Ginger (Howard)            e-mail:
Hardin, Walter                            e-mail:
Hargrove, William (Bill)
Hill, Dr. John & Brenda            e-mail:
Hoover, Chris
Hutson, Sylvia (Hearne)             e-mail:
Lawhorn, John                             e-mail:
Lay, Toy & Frances (Robicheaux)
Leggett, Stella (Kay Crumpler)
Lucas, Lee and Lynn (Butler)   e-mail:
Merryman, Vicki (Brittain)
Parker, Sharon (Franks)          e-mail:
Probandt, Gerard                         e-mail:
Qualls, Barbara (Perkins)        e-mail:
Rannals, Robert (Bobby)
Riley, Connie (Bowers)
Story, Judy (Bivens)                   e-mail:
St. Denis, Linda (Gillam)
Thompson, Delbert (Bert)         e-mail:
Vaughn, Millard A.                    e-mail:
Welch, Mercedes (Hardy)        Click on Mercy's name to reach her WEB Site
Whitman, Cindy                         e-mail:
Wright, Pam (Myers)                e-mail: